The Driving Dogs from New Zealand – Ginny, Monty & Porter (7 Pictures + Clips)

Würdet Ihr glauben, dass diese drei Köter von dem Bild hier oben Autofahren können? Ist aber so, Ginny, Monty und Porter sind die ersten autofahrenden (Rettungs-)Hunde der Welt, sie kommen aus Auckland/New Zealand und sind derzeit noch am Pauken, was die theoretische Prüfung betrifft. Der neuseeländische Tier-Trainer Mark Vette hat die aufmerksamen Hunde mit nachgebauten Modellen langsam an die Fahr-Praxis herangeführt, bevor sie das erste mal in eine richtiges Auto steigen durften. Die Fotos sind schon unglaublich, guckt Euch aber auch unbedingt die Clips an. Autofahrende Rettungshunde aus Neuseeland, Danke Internet:

Meet Monty, Porter and Ginny – world’s first driving dogs. No, this is not a joke and you are free to feel awkward if you don’t have a drivers licence yet. At least this is how I felt when I first found out about the „Driving Dogs“ campaign by SPCA Auckland alongside with MINI New Zealand. They teamed with animal trainer Mark Vette to teach three rescue dogs how to drive a regular car. The aim of this campaign is to change common misconceptions about the intelligence of rescue dogs.



„Hi I’m Ginny – back up driver 2. I’m a Beardie Whippet Cross. I’m 1 year old and I’m a girl. I’m also a driving dog. In June this year, I arrived at SPCA Auckland in a Police Car. I didn’t drive that time though. I let the Policeman, seeing as it was his car. I was very skinny when I first got there, but after lots of good feeds and some intense driving training, I’ve put on weight and am ready to find my forever home. Obviously I’m pretty good at driving, which is lots of fun, but if I had to pick my next favourite pass time, I’d say it’d be toys. And rough-and-tumble. And food. And balls. I am looking for an active home where I’ll get lots of exercise and fun things to do to keep me busy, when I’m not out driving or doing an oil change.“



„Hi, I’m Monty – back up driver 1. I’m a Giant Schnauzer cross. I’m 18 months old and I’m a boy. Oh, and I drive a MINI. In June I was surrendered to SPCA Auckland because my owners couldn’t look after me anymore. That was a sad time in my life but I’ve moved on. I drive cars now. I’m a big, strong boy so I’m looking for someone to handle my big personality. Some people say I’m bit of a goofball, but I reckon they’re just trying to keep me humble. My fur is a bit longer than most other dogs, so I need regular brushing to keep me looking sharp. I respond well to training (clearly) and once you set some rules and boundaries, I’ll be a great pet. I may even pick the kids up from soccer practice if you ask nicely.“

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  2. Chris sagt:

    Die 3 sind ja genial :-) Liebe Grüße & schönes Weihnachtsfest!

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