„Not Art“ – Historical Paintings vs. Hipster Illustrations by Warsheh (9 Pictures)


Die Herrschaften des aus Jordanien kommenden Designer-Kollektivs „Warsheh“ (Mothanna Hussein und Hadi Alaeddin) betonen ausdrücklich, dass es sich bei ihren Werken nicht um Kunst handelt – Not Art! Das Set besteht aus 9 Bildern, die so eine Mischung aus bekannten Gemälden, geometrischen Formen und einem Hauch Berliner Hipster-Swag bestehen. Mal so dahergesagt. Ich mag das aber:

„This is not art. This what we saw in and from art. We’re designers without a good grip on what art is and what can and can’t be done with it, so we did what we felt came naturally to us. We know nothing about these paintings, we even used google image search to look up the names. We thought we should maybe apologize to anybody that thinks what we’re doing is wrong, but we decided it would be more wrong of people to even think that.“








[via faithistorment]

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