New York: Metaphysics of an Urban Landscape by Gabriele Croppi (16 Pictures)

Der aus Mailand stammende Fotograf Gabriele Croppi konzentriert sich bei seiner Fotoserie „Metaphysics of an Urban Landscape“ auf kontraststarke, schwarz-weiß Bilder vorwiegend großer Städte. Hier ist New York zu sehen, welche Croppi in ein fast menschenleere, abstrakte Landschaft mit dem Fokus auf die markante Architektur der Stadt verwandelt.

„Metaphysics of an Urban Landscape is an ongoing series from Gabriele Croppi, which concentrates on capturing high contrast, black-and-white images of large cities. Here we get a look at his images of New York. The Milan-based photographer turns the bustling metropolis into a silent, near empty landscape where much of his images are completely blacked out and turned into negative space, creating a stark contrast to the whites and greys present in the compositions.“

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