Hong Yi: Portrait Artworks made with Coffee Cups & Basketballs (6 Pictures + Clips)

Die aus Shanghai kommende Künstlerin Hong Yi scheint eine Pinsel-Allergie zu haben, sie fertigt Ihre Portraits lieber mittels Kaffeetassen-Bodenabruck, optional aber gerne auch mit in Farbe getunkten Basketbällen an. Das obere Projekt (Coffee Cup Stains) zeigt das Portrait von Jay Chou, das Basketball-Projekt zeigt NBA Superstar Yao Ming. Totally dig it:

“The project was inspired by the opening line in Jay Chou’s song, ‘Secret’. It is inspired by the opening sentence, about lifting up a coffee cup off the saucer and the ending of the song about autumn leaves and fragmented pieces. This is shown through the portrait as a whole – how it’s formed by many individual rings, many of them broken and imperfect like fallen autumn leaves, forming Jay Chou’s portrait.”


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“Here’s a painting of NBA superstar Yao Ming I did, with some red paint and a basketball! I guess all those years of basketball training in high school did come in handy!”


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    Das untere Video hat ein bisschen was von ArtAttack. Aber man muss sagen, sieht echt gut aus! Kann man sich wohl in seine Wohnung hängen.

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