Skating Roundup: 720 Double Flip in Slomo | Kick-Flip w/ A Car | Tony Hawk in Mumbai | Beast From The East | Tres Trill

Es haben sich in den letzte 2 Tagen so dermaßen viele, gute Skateboarding-Videos in meinem Reader gesammelt, hier die Gesamt-Compilation: wir haben einen unglaublichen Double-Flip in super Slomo – watch and learn, so geht das! Dann ein Kick-Flip, allerdings nicht mit einem Skateboard, sondern mit einem … Auto! Im Anschluss Tony Hawk in Mumbai, das „Beast from The East aus Dresden und ein 6-Minuten Video von Palace im Retro-VHS-Style – ENJOY:

„Robbyn Magby lands not one, but two 720 double flips off the kicker at Riley skatepark in Farmington Hills, MI. Filmed with a Redlake N3 high speed camera at 1,000 frames per second.“

„MTV-reality and action sports-star Rob Dyrdek successfully performed a kick flip in the all-new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic on Saturday.“

„Tony Hawk, the greatest skateboarder of all time, made an astonishing performance in Mumbai for the first skateboard event ever organized in India.“

I am living in the Wild East of germany now, namely in Dresden. After a long time I wanted to film some new skating with my new locals.

UK skate brand, Palace recently completed their latest video, entitled Tres Trill. Filmed in classic Palace style on VHS, the 6-minute video features the Palace team shredding on the streets of France.

[via mashulture, drlima, hypebeast, vimeo]

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