Disney Animal Portraits Made of Hot Dog Buns, Candy and Vegetables by Erin Jang


Eine weitere großartige Künstlerin aus dem Bereich der Food Art lebt in New York City und hört auf den Namen Erin Jang. Neben ihrem Day-Job als Grafik-Designerin frönt die gute ihrer Vorliebe für schmackhafte Snacks und Tiere aus dem Disney-Kosmos. Aus einfachen Hilfsmitteln wie Hot Dog & Hamburger-Brötchen, Salami, Käse, Oliven und Schwarzbrot zaubert die New Yorkerin beispielsweise das Antlitz vom allseits beliebten Pluto zusammen (hier oben im Bild). Weitere Artworks von Jang lassen sich nebst Zutatenliste direkt hier unten begutachten. Enjoy:

You may be thinking that Disney-inspired artworks have a reached a dead end, however, New York City-based graphic designer Erin Jang is here to prove you wrong. She creates lovely food art featuring our beloved Disney animals, and it’s way too cute to be eaten! Jang uses various ingredients like hot dog buns, cotton candy, and vegetables. She lists them all under each piece, so you can recreate your favorite ones! Be sure to check out Jang’s social media websites, she gets real creative with food!


– green tortilla
– shiso leaves
– kale
– romano bean (mouth)
– baby purple potatoes (eyes, nostrils)
– baby cippolini onions (eyes)
– crimini mushrooms (eyes)
– asparagus
– savoy cabbage
– broccoli rabe
– rosemary
– romanesco
– green beans


– white maple cotton candy
– black licorice laces (eyebrows)
– black licorice wheels (eyelid and lashes)
– black raspberry gummies (eyes)
– marshmallow (eyes)
– gumdrop (nose)
– sour blue gummy belts (whiskers, mouth)
– rock candy (collar)
– sour watermelon gummy belts (collar bow)
– sour grapefruit slices (ear)
– foil wrapped chocolate and hard candy (hair bow)


(note: yellow paper base for the fish)
– blue raspberry Airheads
– blue raspberry licorice twists
– blue sour gummy belts
– sour bottle gummies (tail)
– blue rock candy (fin)
– black licorice (eyebrows, mouth)
– marshmallow (eyes)
– lemon gummies (nose, cheeks, eyelids)
– hard candies (bubbles)


– green pepper (head)
– jicama (eyes)
– bosc pear (eyes)
– zucchini (nose, neck, mouth)
– blueberries (nostrils)
– garlic (teeth)


– white rice (face)
– kombu
– nori / seaweed paper (eyebrows, eyes, mouth)
– daikon (tooth)
– carrot (nose)
– mochi (eyes)

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