What Classic Disney Movies Would Look Like If They Were Made In 2017 by Tom Ward

Wie sich die beliebten Trickfilm-Figuren aus dem Hause Disney wohl in der modernen Welt zurechtfinden würden, präsentierte uns im letzten Jahr die spanische Künstlerin Marta Ruiz. Prinzessinnen und andere Charaktere aus dem Disney-Universerum wären natürlich Sneaker-Lover! Andhika Muksin aus Jakarta photoshopped bekanntlich seine Favo-Disney-Characters mit Vorliebe in Snapshots diverser Celebrities – Pocahontas meets Coachella, y’all. Auch der britische Künstler Tom Ward wandelt in seiner Serie „Alt Disney“ auf ähnlichen Pfaden und geht der Frage nach, wie die klassischen Disney-Fime wohl in einer 2017er-Version ausschauen könnten. Einige seiner kritisch unterhaltsamen Illustrationen lassen sich direkt hier unten checken. Just have a look:

UK-based graphic artist Tom Ward has a lot to say about the current state of the world, and he’s using the help of everyone’s favourite Disney characters to do it. In a new series of drawings Ward has dubbed „Alt Disney,“ he connects the storylines of several classic Disney movies to modern social issues, creating a dark but intriguing look at reality through the eyes of our fictional childhood heroes. The images provide powerful commentary on water pollution, animal abuse, obsession with technology, and a range of other subjects, as if to point out that although the world of Disney is full of magic and happy endings, the world we live in has serious problems that must be discussed. See how Disney’s most beloved faces might have turned out if they were living in 2017 below, and vote for the ones that are just too real.

[via Bored Panda]

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