‚Refutable Afternoons‘ – Model Carolina V. Marie in Downtown Los Angeles

Auch am heutigen Donnerstag haben wir das Netz nach einer kleinen Portion Eyecandy für Euch gescannt. Und selbstredend sind wir auch heute fündig geworden. Zum vorletzten Feierabend der Woche bekommen wir ein sehenswertes Set vom Fotografen Jacob Green aus Vancouver serviert. Der gute Mann hatte jüngst das Vergnügen etwas Zeit mit der bezaubernden Model-Muse Carolina V. Marie in Downtown Los Angeles verbringen zu dürfen. Er selbst ließ zu der Kooperation verlauten:

Carolina and I met months ago on a different shoot, while I was assisting. Those that know her well say it’s likely she isn’t from earth. When it came time for us to shoot together (a dream opportunity come true), she was vocal about wanting a driving narrative or concept. Enter: our visual take on the black swan fallacy.

The black swan fallacy is based on the notion that if I believe X, there is no chance of Y. But, as Y comes to exist, our beliefs must be challenged, and altered. However upon the the use of hindsight…one should ironically realize Y was likely coming, all along. The intention was to create a series that built up the viewer’s expectations regarding how the images would progress, and then have them go in another. All while staying true to ourselves and visual styles. As in life, I find people tend to pass judgement far too early as well. Over the course of the series, maybe the changes we illustrated were too subtle, maybe too obvious.

For “expectations” to be placed at the creative core of our day, I don’t think we had many set for the photos that were to come. And even now, hopefully they find themselves in front of the people I’d least expect to lay eyes on them.

Direkt hier unten lassen sich ein paar Highlights aus besagter Refutable Afternoons-Serie in Augenschein nehmen. Die gesamte Eyecandy-Rutsche gibt’s zudem drüben bei den C-Heads. Just have look + Happy Feierabend!

[via C-Heads]


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