„Maui // Hawaii“ – Through the Lens of Photographer Van Styles

Erst kürzlich ließ uns Fotograf und WHUDAT-Dauerbrenner Van Styles aus Los Angeles, mit dem Set „Flying High“ an seinem letzten Trip nach Hawaii teilhaben. Nach eindrucksvollen Helikopter-Aufnahmen, welche der Fotograf über der traumhaften Insel einfing, zeigt uns Mr. Styles nun auch was Maui am Boden so zu bieten hat. Er selbst lässt zu diesen Aufnahmen ausrichten: „The photos below was me finding myself in settings while merely just enjoying life. I wasn’t on the hunt for that grand moment. This time around I wanted to see what would cross my lens if I just focused on being out with those around me“. Direkt hier unten lassen sich nun die ganz persönlichen, Van Styles’schen Eindrücke von Maui bestaunen. Kuckt doch mal + Viel Spaß:

As I mentioned in one of my last posts I had a chance last month to head out to Maui for a much needed family vacation. Now when I do these types of trips I do my best to devote as much time and attention as I can to my loved ones. Lucky for me they get that making photos wherever I am at is an expected tendency. During our time in out on the island I was able to sneak in some photos of the settings I got to visit. No road to Hana photos here as I opted for a helicopter flight and figured I can save that for next time. Van Styles

[via V/SUAL]


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