Home Water Filter can Save Money And The Planet

The most common resource we have on this planet is water. People in some countries suffer from not having this precious commodity because of water contamination. Still, because you don’t have this problem at your home, it isn’t easy to understand what happens with filtration. However, even in your homes, water can get contaminated, and it’s for reasons like this, people in the US spend approximately $16 billion on bottled water.

Using a filtration system

While it is natural to think about buying bottled water, plastic is not good for your environment. The manufacturing and disposal factors of plastic bottles will affect your generations for years to come; that’s why investing in a filter can help you save money and stop manufacturing plastic bottles that will end up sitting in the dump. One company helps to fight against plastic by providing filters. Berkey water filters help to protect your family’s health and make your water the cleanest for consumption. Using a home-based filtration system will benefit you both financially and environmentally.

Can investing in a filter really save you money?

Buying bottled water will cost you approximately $1 per gallon. While buying a bottle each time doesn’t appear critical, but over time it adds up. Hence the $16 billion mentioned earlier. Filters cost different prices, but if you fancy using popular brands such as Big Berkey Water Filters, it will cost you approximately two cents per gallon of water. Buying bottled water will cost you fourteen times the cost of investing in a filter. Companies who produce bottled water pay more money for packaging and labeling, marketing, and shipping, with only about ten percent being the water’s actual cost. You might not believe this, but the same water you’re buying at the store is filtered water.

Water on the go

When you’re out running errands and such, and you get thirsty, you can purchase water at a corner store or an eatery that will cost you more money or use a reusable bottle and carry your water along, saving a few dollars. While you’ll have to regularly change your filter, it will still only cost you a percentage of the money you will spend buying bottled water. Both your wallet and the environment will benefit from this change.

Knowing the truth

If you research, you will find that you were buying bottled water with wool over your eye. When this happens, you will begin to ask questions such as what type of filtration system do these companies use to get the water tasting how it does? The truth is, if you knew how much work is in the process, you wouldn’t want to take on the challenge. But if you consider buying a filter for your home, you would answer the same question you asked because a filter works the same.

There are many different types of filters and if you cannot determine which one is right for you, discuss it with a customer service representative at Big Berkey Water Filters company, and they will help you find the one that best suits your home.

The recycle bins seen outside does not indicate that recycling is helping to revert the situation. They are just there to make work easier. The fewer plastic bottles end up in these containers, the better our environment will be.

Protecting the environment

There are tons of plastic bottles ending up in the landfills daily, but when they reach there, you might ask yourself, what can I do to make a variation? Answering that question is very simple. If everyone takes a step and uses a filtration system at home, they can save themselves a lot of money and minimize the plastic bottle build-up at the landfill. An approximate amount of 20 billion of these bottles gets dumped in the oceans. These bottles will never break down but will cause catastrophic damage to the animals‘ lives in the ocean. Manufacturing bottles cost the environment millions of dollars. Producing these bottles cost the US approximately seventeen million barrels of oil, and shockingly, another fifty million barrels are used to process, refrigerate and transport these bottles.

Each year over 200 billion bottled water is consumed by people, with more than three-quarters of them ending up in landfills. Asa people, we all have to do our part; we can help the environment and secure a safer future for our children, grandchildren, and animals. Invest in a filter today and watch your future change because it can help to save the world.

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