‚Fridaze Seduction‘ – Self-Portrait Adventure with Margot Vdmc in Paris

Eine willkommene Portion Eyecandy zum Start in den letzten Feierabend der Arbeitswoche beschert uns heute Margot Vdmc aus Paris. Mit einer zum Weihnachtsfest geschenkt bekommenen Kamera, begann das französische Model jüngst ihr ganz persönliches Self-Portrait Adventure. Direkt hier unten lassen sich ein paar Highlights aus ihrem Selbst-Portrait-Projekt in Augenschein nehmen. Zudem könnte ihr ein paar Worte von Margot Vdmc bzgl. ihrer Inspiration und dem Unterschied zu ihrer Arbeit mit professionellen Fotografen checken. Just have a look + Happy Friday!

I received this film camera a while ago for Christmas by somebody with whom I have bad memories. And I turned it into good memories. I can’t remember exactly when I started doing self portraits. But I honestly love it. You create your own photo, from A to Z. You have this 5 seconds and then the moment disappears. You have to wait until you develop the film to see it again on a photo. The difference between a self-portrait and a real shooting with a photographer is that there is no bashfulness. It’s only between myself and I. Sometimes it feels pretty weird because I am trying out strange things, but it’s an intimate moment with my own body. Playing with my curves, each part of my body becomes an exploitable element. Playing with mirrors, angles, and more.

During a shoot with a photographer I work more with my face and maybe less with my body. During my self-portraits you can’t really see my face, so my body and the composition of the picture become more important. And nobody except myself can see what I am doing, so maybe it is easier trying out things. I am pretty modest, bashful so it is easier too when I am alone. I also like having control over things. So having the camera in my hands and doing what I want to do is something I like. I don’t really plan my self-portraits. I just do it. Whenever I want. I do it for myself and because it’s all up to me it generally doesn´t take a lot of time. I just did a few self-sessions, in a hotel room and in the apartment of my friend. I want to travel more this year. So I hope I will continue this self-portrait adventure around the world.

[via C-Heads]


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