‚Fridaze Seduction‘ – Catching Soft Morning Light with Azalia Lexi in NYC

Zum Ende der ersten Arbeitswoche des neuen Jahres, spendiert uns Fotograf und WHUDAT-Dauerbrenner Stephen Vanasco aka Van Styles aus Los Angeles eine brandneue Ausgabe seiner „Unseen“-Serie. Mit zahlreichen Sets von entzückenden Models oder imposantem Street-Photography & Aerial-Footage, verstand es der Fotograf aus Kalifornien in den letzten Jahren Bestens, uns zu unterhalten. Seit einer Weile dropt gute Mann einige Sets, welche es in der Vergangenheit noch nicht zu einer Veröffentlichung gebracht haben. Heute bekommen wir beispielsweise eine sehenswerte Reihe serviert, welche zusammen mit seiner bezaubernden Muse Azalia Lexi im soften Morgenlicht von New York City entstand. Visuelle Highlights nebst einigen Worten vom Fotografen selbst dazu, lassen sich direkt hier unten checken. Just have a look + Happy Friday:

Being so caught up in making photos and pushing them out via social media platforms faster than you made them can weigh you down. You will often find yourself chasing the next thing to post. One way I combat this is by letting my photos (digital or film) marinate a bit. I like to re-visit them, revise my selects as well as my processing approach. Let them breath a bit before pulling the trigger and going in. I often find myself seeing things different each time I look at my photos. Which is an important process of photography in my opinion. Pictures shouldn’t be discarded solely as content but rather being sure you can see something in them. A growth, a feeling some sort of progression or unity.

This was a set I had made with Azalia while in N.Y. a little over a year ago. Now I understand that can be perceived as a long time to share them but I believe a photo should be timeless. Something that doesn’t matter when you put it out but rather it can hold up in time. I remember this was the first set we made this day. Catching some good morning light despite some clouds made for some good moments. Especially with her features of blue eyes and blonde hair. And while I could have just rushed these out I am glad I took my time. Especially since I really enjoyed making these. – Van Styles

[via V/SUAL]


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