„Education System“ – New Mural by Street Artist Sepe in Warsaw // Poland

In diesem Monat haben wir mit „Another Brick in the Wall“ erstmals ein Mural des polnischen Street Artists Michal Wrega aka Sepe gefeatured. Das eindrucksvolle Piece des 33-jährige Künstlers aus Warschau enstand im Rahmen des „District Walls“-Street Art Festival in Washington DC. Heute können wir Euch bereits den nächsten Streich von Sepe aus seiner polnischen Heimatstadt präsentieren. „Education System“ so der Titel des erneut ziemlich imposant daherkommenden Murals, dass in Kooperation mit dem Street Art Doping-Fest an einem eher trostlosen Gebäude in Warschau entstand. Sepe selbst ließ über sein neustes Werk Folgendes verlauten: „Education System“ is a bitter commentary on highly visible crisis of values that affects not only Polish, but also worldwide policy and its subordinate media. Using the metaphor of a grotesque puppet theater, the author draws attention to the increasingly brilliant and disturbing „rhetoric of war“ present not only in the world of politics and the media, but also in social life – getting closer and closer to ourselves. Maintaining a permanent sense of threat and the inevitable clash. Constantly searching for and identifying the enemies. Force solutions over dialogue and debate. Fist as the only fair and final argument in any discussion. Rifle instead of outstretched hand. The walls instead of bridges.“

Polish artist Sepe recently returned home from his trip to US and got up on a cherry picker to work on a new piece for Street Art Doping fest. Organized in in cooperation with Do Dziea Foundation the new mural in Warsaw is titled “Education System”. Following his ongoing series of work that is incorporating grotesque and circus iconography while addressing actual events, this mural is a bitter commentary on crisis of general values. Using the metaphor of a puppet theater, Sepe draws attention to the “rhetoric of war” present in the world of politics, media, and social life. Painted with very limited color palette and using a simple, yet powerful light effect, the finished piece is standing out as a great warning within its surrounding.

[via SAN]


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