URBAN MOVEMENTS – HipHop Documentary

Sehr sehenswerte, deutsche HipHop-Doku von David Köhlmeier, ich zitiere:

Members of Blumentopf, Texta, AML, Hashtwins, Fovs-Crew, Beathoavenz, Prodigyy-Crew, Permanent-Unit, Tribe Vibes, Weisssgold and many others served as interviewees for the essayistic documentary Urban Movements. BBoys, Djs, Rapper and Graffiti-Writers answer questions about HipHop, the commercialization of it, as well as the sub culture being as a HipHoper. They talk about dreams and struggles for life. At times seriously, sometimes in a cheerful way … The HipHop conversations are accompanied by urban images, by time lapse and slow motion shots of Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt, Munich, Graz, Linz, Bregenz and other german speaking cities.


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  1. Na sauber, darauf haben wir doch gewartet Emser , oder ?! ;)


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