Streetart: Ever – New Mural In Chicago // USA (7 Pictures)

Neues von unserem argentinischen Freund EVER (gefeatured), der sich aktuell in Chicago aufhält und soeben sein neuestes Werk mit dem Titel „Description of Latin American arrival to the United States“ in seinem typischen Signature-Style fertiggestellt hat. Wer in der Nähe ist, kann sich das Piece gerne in der sogenannten „Pilsen Area“ (locals know best!) ansehen – der Rest guckt hier:

„While we last heard from him last month in Los Angeles, USA (covered), Ever is now in Chicago where he just completed this new piece for Pawn Works. Entitled „Description of Latin American arrival to the United States“, the Argentinian painter delivers yet another strong piece featuring his signature imagery. If you are in the area, you’ll be able to find this one in the neighbourhood of Pilsen. Check back with us soon for more updates from Ever.“






[via san]

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