Planet Toronto from Ryan Emond (Clip)

Ryan Emond bekam von Tourism Toronto den Auftrag, die Stadt in einem kurzen Clip darzustellen. Emond entschied sich gegen ein typisches 0815 Toursimusvideo und entwickelte ein Timelapse Video, welches den Tag der Metropole bzw. die Bewegungen ihrer Bürger und des Wetters auf superbe Weise dokumentiert.

„By utilizing time-lapse photography and slow motion to capture intimate moments, I was able to draw attention to what we might overlook, or only offer a passing glance to. I want to represent how we move through the city; how the weather moves through it and how the city breathes, transforms and grows each day. Much like other cities, Toronto is a place you have to experience to feel the energy and emotion that pulses through the streets and neighbourhoods. I hope that I can give you a brief glimpse of the beauty, and motivate you to come explore for yourself.“


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